• AKTU College Code:017
  • Estd. 1999


T & P Policies

The placement policy guidelines prevailing currently are as under:

  • The students who wish to apply to a particular company/organization are required to enter their willingness by signing against their roll numbers in the respective register kept in the Training & Placement Office before the specified deadline. No late entries are entertained under any circumstances. It is obligatory on the part of these students to attend the interviews.
  • The Training & Placement Office tries to provide opportunity to all its registered students to secure one job at the first instance, and pursues a policy of one student one job till at least 80% of the students in a particular discipline get one job.
    • 1. Once 80% of the class gets one job, the students already having a job will be eligible to apply for another job. A student who has obtained a second job in this fashion will not be allowed to appear for any more interviews.
    • 2. After all the students of a department have secured at least one job, all of them will be allowed to apply to all subsequent jobs (subject to securing a maximum of two jobs)
    • 3. If a student is offered a second job, he/she must give a letter of regret to the company which offered the first job and a letter of acceptance to the second.

    • After accepting a job offer, if any student decides to withdraw his/her acceptance any time during the year, he/she must inform the company concerned through the Training & Placement Office immediately.