Tanya Singh (CSE)
Roll No.: 1601710033

Ripu Daman Singh (CSE)
Roll No.: 1601710046

The way I have been transformed positively by Vira from the start of my course is unbelievable. At the start of my course, I thought that the college would allow me to involve in only academic hectic schedule, but it stimulated me for the practical industry environment by organizing various events like Tech fest, workshop, programming events at regular interval of time.

I felt home and comfortable with the platform provided by the college. Infrastructure of the college allowed me to get motivated to participate in all activities like sports and culture events. I felt healthy environment in which I possessed knowledge and ethical values to apply on the current technology in the real world.

Anu Rajput (CSE)
Roll No.: 1501710007

Sumit Kumar (ME)
Roll No.: 1601740046

Since my childhood, I was fascinated by the software, hardware entities and loved to know how they were going to work in coordination. Finally, my fascination has come true by the CSE Department of our college that provided me opportunity to gain knowledge in designing the software which is going to be productive, economical and reliable for the society.

The support from my college gave me the opportunity to put myself on the contemporary society in dealing with people and the situations around us. Moreover college provided me a mixture of both academic theory classes and extra-curricular activities at equal pace.

Nakul Singh (ME)
Roll No.: 1301740025)

Saurabh Kumar (ME)
Roll NO.: 1601740040

Joining the Mechanical department of Vira Engineering College is probably one of the best decisions I have made. Not only did we get to learn from some of the sharpest minds in the field of technology, we were encouraged to wander into new areas of knowledge, irrespective of our branches of specialization.

I am a mechanical engineering student at Vira Engineering college and for me, what really stands out about this college is the interactive approach of teaching. Our classes are packed with energy, conversation and even friendly debates there is never a dull moment.

Vatan Kumar Sharma (ME)
Roll No.: 1301740052

Suchit Kumar (ME)
Roll No.: 1301740045

"Our college comes with high-end infrastructure, some of the best faculties in the field and openness to learning unlike any other traditional engineering college. But that’s not all. Our academic focus is balanced out by a wide range of extracurricular activities such as sports. What’s more, we have an amazing junior-senior dynamic – friendly and fun!”

Our world is a global village where education plays a very crucial and wide role in every person’s life. It was the same for me also when I finished my school education. I was determined to join engineering but was confused which college to join. That was the moment when I got to know about Vira College of Engineering and Management.