BilAl HaXor

Team: BadL33ts

|BilAl HaXor is enough to fuck your cyber space | Expect Pakistan, Your Father|

TEAM: BadLeets
[Message For Everyone]
[Note For Admin : No File Was Deleted Or Harmed]
[I just defaced index to deliver my message to world]
[Never Uderestimate The Power Of Pakistani Muslim Hacker And All Muslims]
[We Were Sleeping But Not Dead, Now Just Wait And Watch]
[We Hack For Cause Not For Fun. We Stand Ahead For Muslims !!!]
[We Dont Accept Killing Muslim People Every Where , Stop Killing US]
:P Game is not over lets play. :P
(Y) Solute to All Pakistani Forces & All Muslims Hackers. (Y)
[We Are Pakistani Muslim Hacker, TEAM: BadLeets]
[And We Will Not End This War Will Be For US, Insha Allah]
Tum dhood mango gy hum kheer daein gy,
Tum Kashmeer mango gy hum cheer daein gy.


WE ARE: BadLeets

We Are BadLeets.
We will never forget.
We will never forgive.
We are fearless.
We are unstopable.
We are anonymous.
Don't try to be smart with us.
Don't try to threaten us.
Don't try to abuse us.
Don't try to mess with us.
Don't try to play with us.
Game Is Not Over
If you are bad then,
BadLeets are your DaD.


Hacked By: BilAl HaXor

Team: BadLeets



Skype: BilAl.HaXor

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